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From the age of 12, I have struggled with Bulimia Nervosa. Since my recovery start date 6/01/2019, I have logged more than one hundred days consecutively binge and purge free. By putting my whole being into recovery I decided I wanted to do more, to reach out to others who were in need of some good advice and help. Based on my own personal experiences, I feel motivated to do so. The best unknown answer for anyone who is struggling with an eating disorder is simply why? And the why for me is a grab bag of external and internal struggles, influences beyond my control, and the ways in which I related self-worth to the amount of space I took up. Despite having to re-learn how to eat and cope emotionally with everyday events, I have gained happiness and freedom inside and outside of my body.  

As I begin to learn more about who I am, I am amazed at just how much credit I never gave myself for. The simple things I like to do now include writing, reading, baking (and yes, even eating), and focusing my attention to the rhetoric going around that disturbs the very life I have gained through recovery. With the aid of my family, my pitbull Jackpot, and my good friends, I am more confident than ever to create a revolution to aid in the triumph of self-love and self-acceptance. The first step in doing so, I believe, is understanding how and why women are more and more focused on losing weight and looking a certain way. The next piece is to eliminate the dialogue of Diet Culture from your life. The third and most important piece is getting to know and love yourself no matter what the world is labeling you as. As I like to say, let your body be and so shall your body let you be. 

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