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The Diet Boycotter

Ever since high school, we have been tackling body image issues, weight loss and weight gain challenges, and have struggled with finding inner peace and navigating through a world where thin is “everything.”

As two adult females, the idea of recapturing the essence of what it means to be healthy and beautiful began with years of soul-searching.

With numerous internet and media outlets, the idea of what it means to be healthy and beautiful has wrongfully misshapen society, and not for the better. Perhaps everything (and We do mean everything) we hear about clean eating, detoxes, exercise programs, meal replacements, and fat burning supplements are a ruse to keep women from loving their bodies as they truly are. 

Weight stigma, disordered eating habits proliferated through diets, and self-worth are all antiquated in this sticky web of lies we, and so many others, like to call Diet Culture. 

Diet Culture is everywhere and embedded in interactions, social groups, institutions, and values that are termed socially acceptable. 

A diet boycotter means to protest the very nature of Diet Culture. We lift other diet boycotters up by promoting self-love through other means than food and exercise, makeup and fashion, and good food versus bad food. 

Join us as we broadcast our positive outlook on ditching the “diet” world. 

For further reading on who who we are, you can go to the “About Us” page under the header and look for “Meet Rebecca” & “Meet Megan!”

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