Rebecca's Bulimia Nervosa Recovery Corner

Daily Food Record for Bulimic Patients

Ever since recovery I have been filling out food journals upon the request of my psychologist. Why are food journals a great tool? They show you what you eat and when, as well as what you were feeling during those times. 

This particular food journal has NO SPACE for calories to be counted, making it my favorite recovery tool devoid of Diet Culture.

The first step in my recovery was relearning how to feed myself, six times a day, at regular intervals. 

For those who are also trying to recover, below will be a link to .pdf of a blank food journal so you can partake in the tool that has helped me the most courtesy of Oxford!

Also below, you can see all of my logs spanning over my recovery journey. And you can also sneak a peek into my binder that has helped me immensely over this long and ongoing journey. 

Check in regularly to catch on my progress! Feel free to share your recovery moments as well in the comment section!

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