• Additional Artifacts


    Attached is my current up-to-date resume. It includes past and current work, education, and skills obtained. Some details not provided on the About Me. page can be located here and vice-versa. Please contact me for additional references and professional referral letters. 

    Attached is a project I currently finished to help sufferers from eating disorders, disordered eating habits, and/or anxiety related issues due to diet and weight. For people who suffer from eating disorders, going to the doctor means getting weighed. For people in recovery from bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and anorexia nervosa weight gain is common and part of the healing process. In order to ensure recovery isn’t damaged I have made Don’t Weigh Me Cards.

    Don’t Weigh Me Cards are designed to ensure safe weighing practices are followed. This may mean not being weighed at all or facing the opposite direction when getting weighed. 

    This card embodies my current anti-diet culture views as well as my empathy for those who wish not to know their weight. People who are overweight especially after recovering from an eating disorder might be exposed to diet rhetoric from doctors after weight gain. Such rhetoric is harmful and infringes upon recovery. 

    This card allows for self-advocacy and coping without having to speak up to a doctor after damage has been done.